London's Saatchi Gallery hosted an exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian art and fashion show featuring the Ukrainian designers


 On October 18, Saatchi Gallery - London's most prestigious contemporary art gallery - saw opening of the exhibition of Ukrainian artists’ works.  It featured paintings, installations and sculpture of two generations of the Ukrainian artists. It is the first time that the Ukrainian art is on such large-scale display in the United Kingdom.

"Our country is only 22 years old but our culture has the centuries-long history. I am sure that the British people will not be indifferent being involved in our art that combines the commitment to ancient traditions and openness to modern age" - said Lada Firtash, founder and director of FIRTASH FOUNDATION, who is the organizer of the Days of Ukraine in the UK, during the exhibition grand opening ceremony.

According to the exhibition organizers, the fact that the works of contemporary Ukrainian art cause great interest in the British cultural community evidences the involvement of Ukrainian culture in the global context.

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