Firtash Foundation launches Days of Ukraine in the UK


 On September 10 in the Museum of Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine, the FIRTASH FOUNDATION, a charity, presented its new major project, The Days of Ukraine in the United Kingdom festival. The FIRTASH FOUNDATION has initiated and organized this festival with the financial support of Group DF, an international group of companies. The Days of Ukraine in the United Kingdom has found support at the highest level and takes place under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.


The Days of Ukraine in the United Kingdom festival was presented by FIRTASH FOUNDATION President Lada Firtash, British Ukrainian Society President Lord Risby, Presidential Advisor Yuriy Bohutskiy, and Group DF CEO Boris Krasnyansky. The presentation of the festival was also attended by British Ambassador to Ukraine Simon Smith.


Present at the briefing were the three curators of the festival, Iryna Danylevska, Oleh Skrypka and Ihor Abramovych. On October 17-19 in London, there will be a fashion show of Ukrainian designers presented by Ms. Danylevska, a Ukrainian country fair with performances by Ukrainian singers and musical groups masterminded by Mr. Skrypka, and an exhibit of contemporary Ukrainian artists curated by Mr. Abramovych. Journalists were also able to speak with the luminaries of Ukrainian art whose works will be on display in London, Viktor Sidorenko and Anatoliy Kryvolap.


The Festival is intended to familiarize the British public with a European Ukraine, a country with enormous potential and a rich history.


“We have taken on an ambitious purpose: to reveal Ukraine to Europeans as a spirited country with a rich cultural heritage and enormous creative and intellectual potential,” said Lada Firtash, FIRTASH FOUNDATION director and The Days of Ukraine in the UK Organizing Committee Chair. “During this festival, everybody in London will be able to see some of Ukraine’s most talented musicians, artists and designers. Our festival logo is a key, which is intended to symbolize opening the door to Ukraine for Britons through The Days of Ukraine in the United Kingdom festival.”


The organizers of The Days of Ukraine in the United Kingdom added that they intended to make the festival an annual event.

Official Opening Ceremony of Modern Ukrainian Art Exhibition “Premonition: Ukrainian Art Now”
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Premonition: The Ukrainian Art Now
Premonition: Ukrainian Art Now Dear friends, On October 8th we open the second annual festival “Days of Ukraine in the UK”, which will be conducted in a new format and will be devoted to Ukrainian contemporary art. One of the missions of Firtash Foundation is drawing the attention of the international public to modern Ukrainian art and introducing the general public to an extremely versatile and original cultural landscape of the Ukraine.
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