Firtash Foundation Presents The Days of Ukraine in the UK


 On October 17-19, 2013, London will, for the first time, be the venue for The Days of Ukraine in the UK, a major cultural festival. The event is being organised by Firtash Foundation, a charity, with the generous financial support of Group DF, an international group of companies based in Ukraine. The Days of Ukraine in the UK has been able to get support at the highest level, including the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.


The organizing committee has invited a number of prestigious individuals to become its honorary members: Dr. Simon Franklin, Professor of Slavonic Studies, University of Cambridge; Volodymyr Handogiy, Ambassador of Ukraine in the UK; Borys Krasnyansky, CEO of Group DF; Lord Oxford, Member of Group DF Supervisory Council; Lord Risby, Chairman of British Ukrainian Society, and John Whittingdale, Member of the UK Parliament. Lada Firtash, the Chairperson, Founder of the Firtash Foundation, chairs the organizational committee.



The festival’s partners include such experts as Iryna Danylevska, Oleh Skrypka, and Igor Abramovich. Iryna Danylevska is presenting the fashion show at the festival, Oleh Skrypka is the mastermind behind the authentic Ukrainian country fair, and Igor Abramovich will curate the exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian painters.



This event is intended to bring Ukraine, with its rich history and culture, closer to Britain. “Our main objective is to let Europeans discover Ukraine as a European country that is developing rapidly and shares European values,” says Lada Firtash, the Chairperson of the Firtash Foundation and The Days of Ukraine in the UK. “We want to bring Europeans some idea of the rich historical cultural traditions of Ukrainians and to give them a memorable glimpse at contemporary Ukrainian arts. Our logo is a key, which symbolizes all this.”



Ukraine will be represented by outstanding creative personalities, reflecting this talented, multi-faceted country. Not only will visitors to the fair be able to taste delicious Ukrainian cuisine, but they will also be able to watch artisans at work and to experience the colourful spirit that is Ukraine.



The Group DF, an international group of companies, is generously providing support for The Days of Ukraine. “The cultural development of the nation is the main task facing every country, because building the spirit is a key to building the nation,” says Dmitry Firtash, the Founder and Chairman of the Group DF Supervisory Council. “Culture also plays a major role in the dialog between countries, offering new opportunities to grow and work together. The Days of Ukraine in the UK is the first large-scale international event that will show Ukraine in a new light, broadening what Britons know about our country, and giving new impulse to Ukrainian-British relations.”



By bringing together members of the Ukrainian and British establishments, The Days of Ukraine in the UK should strengthen both cultural and commercial ties between the two countries.

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