FIRTASH Foundation



    Is a private charity founded by Dmitry and Lada Firtash. The Foundation’s primary objective is long-term and systematic support of education and culture in Ukraine, as well as development of creative and intellectual capacity of the Ukrainian youth. The Foundation’s priority areas are support of talented and pro-active Ukrainian youth, encouraging studies of Ukrainian language, history and culture of Ukraine in the Western Europe, as well as supporting Ukraine’s culture, preserving and reviving its national, cultural and spiritual heritage. One of the best known projects of the FIRTASH Foundation is the Cambridge Ukrainian Studies, which provides foreign students with an opportunity to study Ukrainian language, history, culture, literature, and cinema.

Group DF



 Is a diversified international group of companies operating in 11 countries across Europe and Asia. The core areas of the Group’s operations are fertilizer and titanium businesses, gas distribution and banking. It is one of the leading chemical industry and energy sector investors in the Eastern Europe. The other areas of Group DF’s operations are agribusiness, media business, soda ash production, energy infrastructure development and real estate. The Group’s strategy is to consolidate and transform the industries of its operations with the aim of increasing Ukraine’s competitiveness on the global markets. Group DF implements the best international corporate governance standards aiming to be increasingly transparent and attractive to financial institutions and capital markets. The Group employs over 100,000 people. Its founder and owner is Dmitry Firtash, a prominent Ukrainian businessman.